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17-May-2020 01:47

My boyfriends were all 1-3 years older then me all through high school.

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She may be afraid of telling her parents the truth.I would ask your son what exactly he has in common with this middle schooler and have a long talk about boundaries considering her age.I was in high school not too long ago - any one of my friends would be appalled with one of us dating a 13 year old. I am NOT saying your son is a bad person at all, but a 13 year old is very susceptible to manipulation by older boys, and even if he means no harm at all, I cannot imagine that this is anything but a disaster waiting to happen. This is going to cause a lot more drama for the both of them than it’s worth. It’s likely that she’ll be able to have very limited contact with him- especially any kind of privacy - due to her age and his age.Original poster, I know of parents of younger daughters that handled this by letting them have supervised time together with each other's family until the romance died of natural causes as most teen romances do. It stayed pretty innocent, hand holding and kissing...

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I would just keep an eye out and make sure your son knows what you expect of him..make sure her parents are aware of the situation as well.

OP, do you know what the age of consent is in your state? I would probably just talk to him about safety and things like that.