1950 s dating advice

15-Jan-2021 08:11

When I do go someplace she accuses me of things I hadn’t even thought of. Your mother will get used to the idea as you grow older, and your social life won’t be such a problem. About two weeks before we were married, my husband and I went all the way and I’ve never heard the end of it since. I’ve told him there were no others but lie says he just can’t believe me. If he brings up the subject, let him know that you have said all you can and he must either accept it or not. In that way, you will learn more about yourself and, actually, more about J.

He keeps telling me he knows there were others before him, because he never found a reason that first time to think otherwise. Try to be patient—suspicion is hard to overcome—and I’m sure things will work out. Most of my girl friends go steady and seem to be happy about it. Since he hasn’t finished school yet, we would have to wait two more years to get married. He wants us to become engaged, but I’m not sure that I love him. Then, if you decide to marry J., your decision will be sounder and more mature.

We went together four times and he asked me to go steady.

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I do feel, however, that outside help would be beneficial and I suggest you make an appointment with your local Community Service Society. Growing up is sometimes harder on the parents than it is on the teenager.