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every reader comes to a book with different experience, so it is really helpful to see the same situation from more than one is also really nice to have someone catch a detail i missed.finally, sometimes not everything is clear no matter how intently you read the text so it's nice to ask someone to explain it to you, or even to figure it out together. just finished "do androids dream of electric sheep" about to start "the man in the high castle" and "Baroque style" is showing it's nose on the horizon.

:)I joined a Goodreads bookclub and it helped me read some newer books like The Girl on the Train - this wasn't something I would have picked up on my own.

This is a question that has been directed at us numerous times through our email.

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However, the benefit to this group is finding the "hit" group from within this miss clan.Remember that this is a public beta so don't expect this to run on your machine.