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— July 9, 2013 • The Washington Post publishes a new slide detailing NSA's "Upstream" program of collecting communications from tech companies through fiber-optic cables to then feed into its Prism database.— July 10, 2013 • Germany's Federal Intelligence Service, BND, helps contribute data to the NSA's XKeyscore program.— June 27, 2013 • Until 2011, the Obama administration permitted the NSA's continued collection of vast amounts of Americans' email and internet metadata under a Bush-era program called Stellar Wind.— June 27, 2013 • The US government bugged the offices of the European Union in New York, Washington, and Brussels.His future was far from certain, as the journalists he trusted started revealing his secrets.Here is everything that Snowden's leaks revealed between 20: • With a top-secret court order, the NSA collected the telephone records from millions of Verizon customers.Snowden denies giving The Independent any documents, alleging the UK government leaked them in an attempt to discredit him.

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— June 30, 2013 • The NSA spies on millions of phone calls, emails, and text messages of ordinary German citizens.

— August 2, 2013 • The NSA sifts through vast amounts of Americans' email and text communications going in and out of the country.

— August 8, 2013 • Internal NSA document reveals an agency "loophole" that allows a secret backdoor for the agency to search its databases for US citizens' emails and phone calls without a warrant.

— June 30, 2013 • Using a program called Fairview, the NSA intercepts internet and phone-call data of Brazilian citizens.

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— July 6, 2013 • Monitoring stations set up in Australia and New Zealand help feed data back to NSA's XKeyscore program.— June 16, 2013 • Top-secret procedures show steps the NSA must take to target and collect data from "non-US persons" and how it must minimize data collected on US citizens.

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