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31-Jan-2021 11:25

Energy and space efficient, the walls of this house are made from straw bale which makes them mold resistant, warm and strong.Funnily enough, leftover materials from construction are sent to farms, used for the animals.Straight edges, contemporary, bright and practical; that’s what this prefab brings to the table.Again, built by DMVA Architecten, the self sustained unit would make a perfect second home in the country side, or an office at the end of the garden.A high rise building with a flat unused roof; no problem, just stick a cube in the space (planning permitted of course! The environmental footprint of this 36 square metre prefabricated house is very low, making it an enticing prospect for green minded tenants, owners or landlords.The cost of the Loft Cube is ,000: An easy option for those who can add a self sustained unit to their existing property.

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Designed by Cannatà & Fernandes, these prefabricated modular dwellings, inspired by containers, measures 3x3x9 meters (27 square meters), and can be transported by truck easily to ones desired location.That being said, this made my list because of the unconventional method in which OLGGA Architects have propped up their abode.The polygonal inspired foundations on this house set it out from most other designs out there.It can be utilized for a wide range of uses, including a bedroom, garden house, office, or for the more adventurous ones amongst us, a portable house.

Like Vernon Howard once said, ‘Our freedom can be measured by the number of things we can walk away from’. Bathroom can be seen at the back, as well as the sleeping area to the left. It almost reminds me of the cramped sleeping areas experienced in Ernest Shackleton’s Arctic exploration boats where he said, ‘Sleep comes only in tiny, involuntary snatches’.

DMVA Architecten designed this bizarre deviant of an atypical alien egg as; have a guess: An office for xfactoragencies. Even though an unconventional shape, credit has to be given where it is due.