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02-Sep-2020 18:51

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Open indirect with “lost tourist” game then transition to flirting.

A note on logistics: If you are staying in a hostel in Santiago and you pull a girl from the club, don’t worry about being cock-blocked by your roommates or the hostel receptionists.

Not that everybody is waddling around in 4xl jeans, but if you’ve just arrived from Argentina you’ll notice the difference. Chile also has great wine and lots to see—you can go to the beach (Via del Mar) or ski in the Andes in the same day. For example, Argentinian women think they are European, Brazilian women don’t consider themselves Latin, and Chilean women look down and the rest of Latin America with their higher crime rates, unstable economies and tin-pot dictators.

If Latin America were a family with four daughters: Colombia and Brazil would be the hot, party sluts going who love to wear heels and and rotate multiple boyfriends, Bolivia would be ugly and bitter trying to find a man to marry and take her off the market, and Chile would be a lawyer: successful but plain and nondescript.

If you’ve read this blog you’ve seen all the cities Kyle has visited have their downsides.

Its population is about 18 million from which around 7 million live in the capital Santiago.

After all the bullet-holes and broken down buses, you’re back in the first world. You’ll see some familiar friends you might have missed in Colombia or Peru: fatty foods, obesity, feminism, hipsters, etc.

A country with a strong economy, reliable public transport and a middle-class. Being an international playboy is all about rolling with the punches and making compromises in the name of new pussy and adventures. Climb up any tall building in Santiago and catch a view of the snow capped Andes in the background.

A hotel employee came out to tell us we shouldn’t be out there, but when he saw that we were not Chilean and heard us speaking English, he turned around without a word and walked back through the glass doors.

Chilean Spanish is the most difficult dialect to understand in all of South America.

Come back down to earth and remember that the country rivals Uruguay and Brazil as the most expensive in Latin America.

Also, pint-sized Sarkozy is said to have banned tall, built bodyguards, fearing they would dwarf him in pictures. Odds seems stacked against these brief men, so much that, I suspect, even short women and female dwarfs don’t like them. Of course, most women will sheepishly answer that question with a loud ‘yes’.… continue reading »

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