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"I hope you won't say anything to the guys." "My lips are sealed, buddy-boy," Vince replied.

"I know being away from the wife for a few days can make a man miss the carnal pleasures." "Yea," I answered, glad to see that Vince understood my situation.

"Anyway," Vince continued, "Using my hand to get off has just never appealed to me. I guess it's the bond formed when a guy catches his poker buddy jerking off in the bathroom." "Very funny," I said, now generally interested in hearing his confession. * * * * * * Later in the bar, Vince headed up to buy a round.

Maybe it's the Catholic upbringing; you know, hair will grow on your palm or you will go blind. "Your secret is safe with me." "Well," he stuttered, "I have needs just like any guy. "Let me help you carry them," I offered as I followed him to the bar.

And with the great sex at home, I've just never had the need to masturbate." Knowing that Vince traveled a lot with his job, I asked, "But what about when you are out of town. As the bartender was pouring our drinks, I couldn't resist, "What did you mean earlier by "I never said women"?

It was only natural that the all-American couple was having all-world sex. Well no fucking wonder you don't like to masturbate." "I never said women," Vince replied as we unloaded the lift, meeting up with the other guys before I could follow-up on the bomb he just dropped.

"But since you asked, I prefer getting head from women, but to be honest, when I'm out of town on business, I don't have the time or the energy to wine, dine, and seduce a woman. Instead, I post a personal ad on the internet with a picture of my dick and a very specific scenario of what I'm looking for and within a few hours I have a host of willing cocksuckers from which to choose." "You mean guys respond to your ad, willing to suck your dick? "Not just willing, they are usually begging to swallow my load. I get e-mails from guys actually willing to pay me to suck my dick," Vince replied, a boastful smirk crossing his face.

"And I gotta tell you, men make fantastic cocksuckers.

Too late to stop, with one last stroke, I shot a huge wad across the bathroom counter, coating the mirror in several spurts of thick, creamy jizz.

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"Oh, shit, sorry man," Vince apologized as it slowly registered in his foggy morning brain what his eyes were seeing."The door was unlocked, I...." His voice drifted off as he quickly backed out of the door, closing it behind him.

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