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” Or, “You need to be OK to be single before God will grant you a spouse.” Yes, I got these talks since I was about fourteen.Each of the above quotes goes askew for a number of reasons. I’m sure we could argue we’re more mature than some Christians who have entered marriage, etc.Second, if marriages rested on the need to love yourself enough, no marriages would take place.Third, I’ve known plenty of Christians who wanted to be married, got married, and never went through long periods of singleness.How to combat this lie: Similar to Job’s talks with his friends, God does not withhold something because of something you did in the past or some attitude you need to adopt.Job’s friends were convinced he lost his family, home, and health because of some past sin. In the same way, God does not withhold a spouse because of your past or some attitude you need to reflect. Scripture: I knew many girls in college who were baby-obsessed.Any time I mention a name of the opposite sex, it can raise eyebrows as they begin typing his name into social media to track him down.How to combat this lie: God makes everything beautiful in his time (Ecclesiastes ).

From social media to even sometimes within the walls of our own churches, lies can come from every direction and fill the minds of those who walk faithfully in the Lord.One reason the devil may hone our focus on getting a spouse is because he would rather us do that than use the time we have for something else, such as missions.