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William Sclafani 07/23/2019 Decision of Commission finding that appellees injury met the burden of establishing temporal precision reversed and matter remanded to the Commission to make a factual finding as to whether appellees injury occurred during his last four hours of training 0088193 Marcia Morris v.Federal Express Corporation 07/16/2019 No error in Commissions finding that appellants November 2017 change in condition application for additional wage benefits stemming from a July 2015 accident was barred by the applicable statute of limitations and did not relate back to any of her previous filings 0254181 Lamberto Maldonado, a/k/a Lamberto Moldanado v.Commonwealth of Virginia 07/16/2019 Trial court erred in denying appellants motion to strike where the evidence was legally insufficient to prove appellants conduct constituted misdemeanor obstruction of justice 1602181 Dustin Allen Ele, Sr. Commonwealth of Virginia 07/16/2019 Trial court did not err in denying appellants motions to strike after finding the videos and images constituted child pornography and there was a reasonable probability that the child victim would awaken and see appellants genitals 1898184 Shaishav Shah v.Manali Shah 07/16/2019 Trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying appellants motion for a continuance to allow him additional time to present argument after improperly assuming the trial court would continue the scheduled hearing and failed to appear at that hearing and trial court continued case for several hours to allow counsel to be present and present argument before entry of decree 0769182 Kelly Daniel Bass v.Even though all stores should be ran the same it does not always happen that way . It is what it is Good job not enough structure with staff or managment as far as supervisors..Not enough customers or money being made through tips..

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When i picked up my last check it still wasnt right and nothing was ever done about itipswrongnothing was done!! Not everyone is cited out for this type of work but in some stores there is great coaching and training .Commonwealth of Virginia 05/28/2019 No error in appellants conviction of aggravated malicious wounding where evidence and reasonable inferences therefrom established there was a temporal interval between the initial malicious wounding, with victim remaining alive, and the subsequent death of the victim 1582184 Alexandria City Public Schools & Alexandria City School Board v.Kerri Handel 05/14/2019 No error in Commissions finding that appellee suffered a compensable injury to her right shoulder where claimant need only demonstrate a single sudden mechanical or structural change to establish an injury by accident and may thereafter prove an injury is compensable by causally connecting it to the accident even if unable to demonstrate it is connected to the mechanical or structural change 1630182 Melinda Newman Mills v. of Medical Assistance Services and Commonwealth of Virginia 05/07/2019 Petition for rehearing granted 1764162 Dustin Scott Jones v.All for .13 an hour You can't make people tip! Fun work makes for easy work, easy work makes for quick work.

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Owners are always involved in the business, and constantly strive to make the business as well as its employees better. I worked so much, and one week in 4 days worked 2 36 hour shifts.

Christina Price and Ryan Bedell 06/11/2019 No error in trial courts finding that the voluntary acknowledgement of paternity was not binding and conclusive under Code 20-49.1 because it was the result of a mistake of fact 1687182 Ryan Bedell v.