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Age: 23 Current city: Los Angeles, CA Occupation: Personal trainer Anton was raised by a single mom and, ever since he was seven years old, he was told he was the man of the house.

He's very driven and will be more than ready to have a family one day.

Age: 21 Current city: Groton, NY Occupation: Student and part-time bartender Emily is crazy, fun, spontaneous, and loves adventure!

She's a full-time student and part-time bartender who has worked hard to be financially independent.

Find out everything you need to know about him here: - He was raised by a single mother and is close with his younger brother and sister.

He also has seven half-siblings from his father's side.

She cheated on him while on a modeling trip and it broke his heart. - George's life motto is, "Try not to become a man of success.

He loves being a personal trainer because it helps him impact peoples' lives in one of the most important ways—their health!

In terms of the full package, his ideal type is someone like Margot Robbie.

- He had sex in every building on his college campus.

Find out everything you need to know about her here: - When she was 12, Aissata's mother moved from Guinea to America with her and her six siblings as refugees for a new life. - She speaks four languages, including French, Fulani, Spanish, and English.

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- Now celibate, Aisatta is waiting for marriage to have sex again.- After he came back from Maui, he worked in a coffee shop until one of his regular customers recruited him to work in real estate, which put him on a new path!