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23-Jul-2020 20:42

But this time of year just so happens to present a rare opportunity to see the northern Negev desert in bloom as well.

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Careful restorations reveal mosaics, baths, a Roman temple, merchant stores, columns and ancient streets from formerly flourishing Roman and Byzantine cities.

For those who need a little help jogging their imagination, evening light-and-sound shows illuminate history against the backdrop of the Roman Cardo while allowing you to beat the area’s notoriously oppressive daytime heat.

A nighttime outdoor multimedia show is also a recommended option here, depicting the story of rebuilding Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile, which is projected onto the ruins themselves.

What better way to understand ancient peoples than to take to the desert to see how and where they lived millennia ago?The Israel Museum’s famous Shrine of the Book may house the national treasure that is the Dead Sea Scrolls — preserved pieces of ancient biblical texts stored in Dead Sea area caves by ancient Jewish zealots — but Qumran, along the northern Dead Sea, puts a face to the people behind the scrolls.