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15-Nov-2020 02:35

Today, as on most days, it's a pair of her used panties that are crammed into place under the strap.

Four narrow ones are provided for each of my arms and legs, spaced evenly down the limbs.If I'm ever feeling down or unhappy she'll remind me that our relationship is one in a million and that it was so lucky that we found one another. I have to agree that she cares for me in a way very few other wives do. In the next room I can hear my wife panting and moaning.She'll say "How many other husbands get the attention I give to you? Sometimes when she's lying close to me she'll stroke my hair, embrace me and murmur "You know you're the focus of my life, right honey? Her delicate natural scent will wash over me, I'll feel her warmth against me and I'll really believe that we're one in a million. That has been going on for what seems like hours now.On the left side, about halfway up the wall, is a thick wooden shelf bolted firmly to the walls at each end of the closet.

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The space beneath it is separated from the room by a solid steel mesh, creating a cage like space. And when she has company she doesn't even like me to even have the minimal movement that the tiny caged space affords.Finally, my head and mouth are taken care of with a single half inch leather strap that comes up around my cheeks and between my teeth.

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