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She recalled: "His name was Steve* (name changed) and he lived on the other side of London.He seemed kind, confident and when he said he looked a little like Tom Cruise my heart raced. I couldn't believe my luck and it wasn't long before my excitement got the better of me and I asked him out for a drink." And Amy dresses up in her favourite purple top, a black skirt and knee-high boots for the date.He recalled: "I thought Amy was stunning when I saw her and we clicked straight away."I didn't know at the time how many dates she'd been on and when I found out - I have to admit I was a bit surprised." He added: "After dating for two weeks I told Amy that I was in love with her, and I knew we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together." The lovebirds now plan to stay together and get engaged this year."My fears were confirmed when he looked me in the eye and announced: 'I'm Steve.'" She continued: "I told him to order the drinks while I popped to powder my nose.I was distraught and tried to hide my disappointment.It was two months before we agreed to meet up but by then I was smitten." Her first meeting with him was 1,000th date.

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London, Jan 12 (ANI): A 26-year-old woman dated 1,000 men in the last five years to find the love of her life.

Amy Hinkley, a secretary, went through 13 dating agencies and spent 5,000 to find her other half.

I couldn't believe he worked two minutes from my home.