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26-Jun-2020 03:45

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To restrict it to meat only is to ignore the Greek meaning of the word.

The context talks about the bread that the disciples ate (verses 2, 5).

Third, we must not miss the reference to the giving of the Ten Commandments at Sinai: “And he [God] wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant—the Ten Commandments” (Ex. 9:9, 15), that is to say the covenant law, and were placed inside the “ark of the covenant” (Deut. And in this case, we wholeheartedly agree to the argument of our critic, but in the new covenant, the Lord will inscribe this same covenant law on the human heart. Since these laws were “set aside” through the sacrifice and the priestly work of Jesus, they cannot be part of the laws inscribed in the heart of those who accept the new covenant. First, after the preaching of Acts ; the immediate context informs us that “the people invited them to speak further about these things on the next Sabbath” (v. 44) including the Gentiles, a suitable text for Sabbath keeping.

Second, what is new is that under the new covenant the law will be placed in the human mind/heart. These tablets are called “the tablets of the covenant” (Deut. On this text our critic argues that “no man will be justified through the law of Moses,” which we joyfully agree, but I found it difficult to understand exegetically when our critic connects this verse in Hebrews 7:5, 12 and jumps in 2 Cor. What is only evident here in his argument is our critic lacks exegetical grounds. Unsurprisingly, “almost the whole city gathered to hear the word of the Lord”, (v.

Likewise Gen 24:1, “The Lord had blessed Abraham in all things,” is a general statement about material things; nevertheless the text demonstrates that Abraham had lost his wife Sarah; he had no son, etc.

Thus, “everything” or “all” in Genesis 9:3 does not necessarily mean everything in the sense of completeness or comprehensiveness.

Fifth, the phrase thus “Jesus declared all foods clean” cannot be found on the original manuscript of the text.

It has only been supplied with the people who believed that dietary laws are abrogated.

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The “green plants” were in the very beginning given only to the animals for food (Gen ).Humans have to till the ground and choose what to eat.

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