Animations on updating Chatting sex anties

09-Jun-2020 18:51

So expect default Udyr to still be a hobo looking dude in the future. They just don't feel the need to work on him because he's actually been in a pretty healthy spot ever since Tiger Stance got changed to apply Do T every 3rd hit making him an early game powerhouse.Riot didn't forget about this champion, as here's what Reav3 [had to say] (https:// Of course, the more recent tweaks (which were bad imo) hurt his pick/ win rate a bit so i hope he'll be worked on soon.

Also, based on the recent lore piece [Silence for the Damned] (, it seems that Riot is happy with his current lore and character design and when he eventually gets a VGU his character will probably be further developed instead of changed completely - similar to Pantheon.

You’ll notice the demo animators are very simple in terms of workflow, usually based on an “any state” pattern, suitable for a demo, but that you’ll probably want to change for each of your specific characters.