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23-Dec-2020 19:27

It isn’t that bad of a process but it is extra work and I’d argue forks aren’t the best for this.

oh-my-zsh has done a lot for the community and has helped make zsh popular.

Each change becomes two commits (one for the change, one for the submodule reference), and it is very easy to forget to push a submodule change while updating the reference in the main repository.

Every single change must go through him and be approved. As of right now, there are nearly ~400 issues open on the oh-my-zsh repository with 70% of them being pull requests. We all get busy and I know first hand that managing issues is sometimes the last thing you want to do. But what do you do if you want to hold those in version control as well?

This is great but a solution is being developed that addresses these problems. Antigen cites that it is directly inspired by Vundle, which is a great plugin manager for Vim.