Application screenupdating false does not work

16-Jun-2020 21:31

Alain ute is that if anyone configures addins differently or anything, that messes with the order of controls in the toolbar, simply telling a certain control to execute might run the entirely wrong thing.You should be able to make a direct call to some method in the rhxl32 add-in.Screen Updating has been set to false Do you get the same results? The following Sub Test With Comments() provides additional information. Thanks, Sub Test WIth Comments() 'Demonstrates Workbook. Screen Updating = False ' Windows 8.1 V 6.3.9600 Build 9600 ' Excel 2013 (15.0.4551.1510) MSO(15.0.4551.1508)32-bit 'Place this procedure in any workbook ' Create a workbook named Book2in the same path as the workbook with this code ' If "Application. I upgraded to excel 2016 win 10 and "Apllication.screenupdating = false" does not work correctly.I noticed that if I work with a single Excel file, the command work perfectly, faster, and the screen in not flickering. Find(What:=Name Node, After:=Active Cell, Look In:=xl Formulas, _ Look At:=xl Part, Search Order:=xl By Rows, Search Direction:=xl Next, _ Match Case:=False, Search Format:=False). Row Value1 = Cells(Row1, 11) Cells(Row1 1, 11) Windows("Sites.xlsm").

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Kevin You don't need to activate the tabs or access their command bars to refresh data.


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