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In Business terms I interpret this as consolidating resources, being cost conscious and keeping your productivity high, maintaining and pushing for higher targets.8) Hemmed-in ground; where it is difficult to extricate oneself from this situation – Resort to Deception, Intrigue and Stratagem.In the original text, he inventories the types of geographical terrain an ancient army may encounter and prescribes the best positions to take. Sun Tzu emphasizes: According to Sun Tzu, there are 9 common stages in any campaign.

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Key pointers here: For a more entertaining (if not slightly hokey) background to the book, I found this Documentary for those military enthusiasts amongst you: The Art of War documentary from the History Channel: [youtube]

3) Contentious ground or Strategically Essential Territory; Do not be the first to move without smoking out your competitors’ intentions first and understanding their strategy too.