Appropriate age difference dating formula winnipeg single women dating

22-Dec-2020 12:26

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And once he hits his mid-40's it's under 25 or nothing. Sent by Fred Mees on December 29, 2002 Hey, I'm 62 and still horney as hell. Sent by Eddie on January 12, 2003 For years I have been telling all my friends in L. this rule and they all claimed I was nuts or they never heard of it! Sent by Mark on February 6, 2003 I tearing up that's so effing beautiful.Sent by Jim on February 10, 2003 But this makes NO sense cause statistically women outlive men. ;) When I am 55, a 34 year old stud would suit me just fine.older, sexier, wiser & not afraid to do/say EVERYTHING! He has a thing for me & visa versa (we have for 2 years, but he would have been WAY TOO young then. Sent by yummymummy on March 25, 2004 Gee, us gals also have a roughly equivalent system.

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Take man's age, divide by 2 and you have the mental age you are actually dating (always a good reality check).Age a man is that's most desireable to date: Women at any legal dating age = Men at 31 with mutant gene that forces their mental age (see above) to keep up with their physical age.