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Put in game name then port number (28960 UDP to 28960 UDP) and then the IP address of the computer hosting. no.reason is that the router blocks incoming traffic, unless you initiate shuld not have to install zonealarm or any of that other am skeptical about that port 28960 setting (i think thats what one guy recommended).

Then go to the orange Advanced tab and then to the Forwarding tab. From a computer behind the Linksys log on to » no username pass admin (unless you changed it. Your computers (servers) IP will need to be placed under the IP Address section. it would be just like not having the router there at all. ever notice them grey advertisement boxes when behind a router (not set with DMZ)?

Jessie eventually signed with Lava as part of a joint venture with Universal Republic.

She revealed that "Big White Room" would be on the album and was written from an experience she had when she was 11 years old, although she wrote the song at age 17, in hospital, where a ward mate, a little boy, died.

You can have it do a quick scan or tell it what ports to look at.

This is a nice easy one that I use now and then to see how my system security looks:» do the quick scan to start.

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The album made the top 5 in the UK and reached number 10 on the US Billboard 200, her highest-charting album in the US.

Works great, and I always get full stealth ratings from anyplace but PCflank.

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