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College is often described as a time of sexual exploration, and for a lot of people that's probably true -- you're on your own for your first time, the hormones are raging, and people are generally down to touch each other in some places. One guy kept asking if he could put it in our asses and I didn't like that at all.That may translate into a little more action than you're accustomed to now, but most crazy, wild sex stories are just that: stories. Take, for instance, a redditor that goes by the name Samsthrowaway1997. One guy was bigger than the others but he wasn't any better...All you can do is decide to be discriminating about what message boards you post on. I've found the same thing happening on sites geared toward women, though. It's one of those places that makes me feel angry and defensive even just reading random threads I don't agree with.I went on a site for female fans of comic books, for instance, and was shocked at how obnoxiously rude, nasty, and self-righteous the majority of the members were, including and especially the administrator... They're like a pack of rabid dogs--they'll jump on anything and anyone and just tear them to shreds.

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It is highly recommended that you review all the data for accuracy.Ask Men is a free online men's web portal, with international versions in Australia, Canada, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and the United States.