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Nobody knows the exact count of clubs, because you have to consider certain people’s homes if we’re being fair, but it’s safe to say more than 30. Babes, on Fulton Industrial, has casino night events they say benefit an organization that keeps young girls out of the sex trade, providing interventions, safe housing, and scholarships.You’re never far from one, whether you’re Downtown (Magic City! Sure, it could all be a bunch of butt-naked lies, but you have to imagine that there are people in the government who would love to score political points by calling strip clubs on those kind of bluffs. Unless of course government officials can be paid off with lap dances. I understand why Portland would need lots of strip clubs.It’s totally normal for anybody to patronize Atlanta strip clubs.That said, I don’t have a problem defending strip clubs as an enterprise in the same way I would defend, say, gambling.These vice-based industries wouldn’t exist if the world wasn’t a supermarket of self-indulgence. Mike Jordan, Thrillist ATL’s founding editor, was once editor-in-chief of Xcitement Atlanta, and was everybody in ATL’s best friend for about six months.It’s just not my thing to give a woman money for dancing naked in front of me.I say that knowing I’m in the minority in real life, but solidly in the mainstream when it comes to what lying dudes tell their partners.

In Atlanta you get clapping (without hands), chopsticks, banana-splits, “p-popping” (while upside-down in a full-on handstand), full-split twerking, and everyone’s favorite -- surfboarding. And while Miami is the next best thing, you still have spots down there where you can’t even get a lap dance outside VIP, and with cover charges hovering around , you can bet how much more that’s going to run you. According to their website they’ve also organized Thanksgiving meals and Christmas toy drives every year since 1992, and quietly donate annually to cancer research foundations.Far be it from me to tell people how to get satisfaction or waste their money. Ask him anything about your favorite Atlanta strip club at @michaelbjordan.Atlanta is an exciting city that attracts residents from all over the world.Wives don’t trip when their husbands say they’re headed to strip clubs with friends, because as far as they’re concerned, you might as well be going to a Falcons game, or church.

It sounds crazy, but the same crowd will probably be joining you there.Prior to that job, I dated a girl in college who became a dancer, which gave me access to the locker room when picking her up or dropping her off.