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Before that, my husband of six years left our marriage, so I was also recovering from a divorce.One day, I woke up from the fog of grief that consumed me and began to do some serious soul-searching.With self-actualization, a woman’s talents are expressed and the world benefits, whether it’s in the microcosm of her own family or in the macrocosm of her community, city, state, or country, and beyond.But it’s very difficult for a woman to reach her potential, and thus to contribute her gifts, if she is drained by a toxic relationship.She wants a great relationship, she wants a happy marriage and family, but she has to overcome multiple temptations that pull her off of her path to a wonderful love.You see, at the start of her story, Kelly has a broken “chooser.” With the help of her mentor, Martha, she learns to identify and side-step each of the temptations so that she can choose better relationships.

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so if you are less trusting, you will attract men who are also less trusting.That is why it is so important for a woman to choose her life partner carefully so that she winds up with a man of good character, with a good heart, with the ability to commit to her, and who loves her without reserve.The benefits to societies around the globe when women bring forth their talents and gifts are immeasurable.Author Nina Atwood takes us on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and relationship recovery in this thoroughly modern fable.

Through Kelly’s story, you too can pinpoint which temptations you must learn to resist so that you can claim the happiness—and the man—that you deserve. Nina is a media resource on love who is frequently interviewed in Cosmopolitan, the Wall Street Journal, Men’s Health, and other periodicals, as well as on numerous regional television shows and hundreds of radio shows.Being totally honest with myself, I recognized that I had created my own suffering by allowing myself to be pulled off of my true path of love. In a nutshell it was Once I realized that I was being tempted in these ways, I created a whole new game plan for my life, and out of that I met and married my wonderful husband, Mark.