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No one likes rude people, and no guy would want to strike a conversation with a girl who may snap at him or insult him for approaching her! This is a big one that’s something you always need to remember.

Don’t ever hang out with guy friends if you want to get approached by a guy. [Read: Why guy best friends are nothing but trouble] #10 Show him you’re interested.

When a guy walks into a room, it takes him less than a few glances to make up his mind on whether he wants to approach a girl or not.

If you dress up well and look good, it just makes everything all the more easier for you!

As shallow as this may sound, this is as simple as it can get.

To a guy, approaching a girl is all about first appearances.

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[Read: 12 subtle eye contact flirting tips to get his heart racing! It’s intimidating for a guy to approach a girl when she’s with a big group of friends.Coffee shops, clubs, or book stores are perfect places with limitless opportunities for a guy to start a conversation with you. Even if you’re in a group and you see a guy you like, make eye contact with him a few times.And when you feel like he’s ready to talk to you, walk away for a few minutes to look around or to order a drink at the bar by yourself. Appear warm and friendly, and your chances of getting approached by guys would rise multifold.The truth is, if you understand a guy’s mind and what goes on in it before he approaches a girl, you could make any guy want to strike up a conversation with you within five minutes of stepping into a place!

[Read: 20 secret things about guys that all guys wish girls would know] How to be more approachable to guys without appearing easy Do you ever feel like you could do with more attention from the guys around you, especially when you walk into a new place or a regular hangout and see a cute guy who’s definitely worth a shot?And then, slowly turn your head away and look towards something else.

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