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My raw DNA shows I share DNA with Igbo Fante Yoruba Hausa Mende and Esan and 2 South Sudanese tribes.Bono Manso (sometimes known as Bono Mansu) was a trading area in the ancient state of Bonoman, and a major trading center in what is now predominantly Brong-Ahafo of Ashantiland.Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi also mentions the Zaghawa in the 9th century.Kanem comes from anem, meaning south in the Teda and Kanuri languages, and hence a geographic term.It gave birth to the state of Gyaman also spelled Jamang Kingdom.The state existed from 1450 to 1895 and was located in what is now Ashantiland and Côte d’Ivoire.

“As a result of the occupation of Bighu it seems clear that the Malian king gained access for a time to that part of the Akan gold tradewhich the Wangara were able to control.” Bakewell also notes, “the site of the abandoned town of Bighu, or Bitu, in the present-day Ghana…lies near the present village of Hani.” Bonduku was another trading center within the empire of Bonoman.

During the first millennium, as the Sahara underwent desiccation, people speaking the Kanembu language migrated to Kanem in the south.

This group contributed to the formation of the Kanuri people.

Based on excavations, carbon datings and local oral traditions, Effah-Gyamfi (1985) postulated three distinct urban phases.

According to him, in the early phase (thirteenth to the fifteenth century) the urban center was relatively small, and the towns were populated by thousands of people, not all living in the urban center. Painted pottery of this period was found distributed within a radius of 3.3 km.

War between the two continued up to the late 16th century.