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08-Dec-2020 09:50

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Einzig das Original-Mundstück Nr 5 habe ich durch ein 6E ersetzt, weil bisher schon mit einem Nr. Beim Versand in die Schweiz wurden die Zollpapiere vergessen, sodass die Lieferung wieder zu Thomann retour ging.

Beim zweiten Versand UPS Express (Kostenlos durch Thomann übernommen)klappte es nach 2 Tagen inklusive Verzollung.

Don't get serious after you get a new horn, that's a waste of time, money, and learning experience.

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If you're serious and want to sound good, compensating is the way to go.I would hold off on purchasing a horn until you've put more time in, as it's quite an investment. It's non-compensating, but has the richest tone of any in the price range.I agree with the other commenters that you should hold off on a pricier horn until you are sure that you're serious about it.This is the fingering chart for a Compensating 4 valve euphonium. If you do not have an additional set of valve slides on your euphonium, then it is non-compensating.

To learn more about the compensating valve system see https:// yours a different type of Euphonium?If you're thinking about getting a horn with a 4th valve, I would simply go straight to looking at large bore, compensating,4 valve horns.

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