Big intimidating dogs

18-Feb-2021 17:37

Although he was intended to be a guard dog, Danes are much more apt to nap on your couch. Originally used as an avalanche rescue dog, the Saint Bernard needed a calm, peaceful temperament in order to able to assist the victims he found.Weighing roughly 140-264lbs., this giant breed has kept his gentle temperament even without the need to work.We think most Chi’s would love a mean dog name like Bugsy after Bugsy Siegal notorious gangster who seemed nice but had a definite nasty streak. So as you scroll down our names for mean dogs below, you’ll find not only mean terms that are used when describing something ornery, but also mean dog name ideas after people throughout history that had a nasty side to them.So I've always been obsessed with picking out my future dog breed (which, admittedly, changes rather frequently).Unless you have a safe full of jewels that someone is serious about targeting, "normal" thieves are opportunistic and will move onto a less potentially troublesome target. I have two beagles who are incredibly loud when they alert bark.For walking, any large, dark dog is intimidating enough to make you a less easy target. I've twice caught someone running away from my front door after my dogs randomly lost their minds barking at the door.I have met them in person and love their personalities while at the same time understanding the unique sighthound experience.

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Take for instance the Chihuahua, where you have a big dog in a small dogs body.

Now is not the time for a puppy but within the next few years I will be in a better lifestyle to get a puppy (currently living with a family dog though).