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22-Apr-2020 12:56

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“That’s where I found out what gay and lesbian was, bisexuality was still sort of taboo even in the GSA community back then—it sometimes can be still.“I just thought that because I liked women that I had to be a lesbian.Monroe likened his bisexuality to a “revolving door” as he is always having to come out to people who often don’t believe him.“Not being well understood by straight or gay people, it’s hard to feel respected or legitimate by the world at large—and that includes gays and lesbians,” he said.They are all accepting, however, I couldn’t gauge initial reactions because I was outed to them several months before I personally came out to any one of them.

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“A news reporter might report on Pride events and say ‘gay and lesbian,’ or even, ‘gay, lesbian, and transgender,’ even in the same article or report that also used ‘LGBT’,” she said.I still liked boys at that time, too, but I was more drawn to women at that point.

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