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Beyond the somewhat contrived romance, I also didn't feel much chemistry between Garner and Olyphant.I've never been a huge Jennifer Garner fan and her performance here doesn't do much to change that perception.Overall, the transfer is a fine example of how far the Blu-ray format has come since it's inception.

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Sam becomes the house recluse, refusing to go in to work in favor of eating and drinking his way out of depression--Dennis tries to keep a level head and proceed with business as usual (though we soon find out he's been hiding a secret from Gray during the six years she was dating Grady)--and Lastly, Fritz is the womanizing bad-boy of the group, but also the one who appears to have known Grady the best.

On the day of her planned wedding, Gray Wheeler (Jennifer Garner) finds herself in the middle of a much different gathering.