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18-Jan-2021 19:32

There are countless web sites out there where it is clearly evident that there is no link whatsoever between the main site and the message boards.

In some cases, users are even required to register twice: once for the main site and once for the message boards.

Anonymous posting, subscribe by default, flags, and ratings are selected by default and the default message format is BBCode.

Enabling allows guest users to post messages to your message board.

Lastly, you can set the amount of time a post is displayed on the message board’s . It remains accessible everywhere else in the message board.

Message Boards provides options for configuring the email sender and specifying the mail message to use when someone posts a new message board thread or updates a thread.

Sometimes it is three times: for the site, for the message boards, and for the shopping cart.

Allowing anonymous posting opens your site to anyone who might want to spam your forums with unwanted or off topic advertising messages.To scope a message board to a page, first add the Message Boards application to the page.