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As for his friendship with Lohan, well, they've seemed to have had quite the journey. Lohan and Ha "are only friends", who supposedly had the time of their lives in Mykonos and Dubai.Here just a few photos Ha has so kindly captured and shared with the world. Who knows if they'll ever end up in the same city or country again, but, if they do, you can be sure Ha will most likely share their next encounter on social media.He has shared a lot of photos and videos of them together, which has seemed to cause the romantic speculation revolving around them.It's not entirely clear how they met, but according to star vacationed in Greece starting in late June and then first appeared in an Aug. Apparently, they also spent time together in Dubai on Oct. The latest social media footage of them together is an Instagram posted by Ha on Oct. Lohan has never posted any photos or videos with Ha on her social media accounts.Popular belief has it that online dating is filled with warning signs, unspoken rules, and red flags.While swiping through dating sites we often come across a lot of profiles that have something or the other that is a major turn-off for us.

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Known as the Korean hulk, this wealthy Korean has been called the Korean Dan Bilzerian.

Not much information is available on how exactly Je-Yong got so rich, but he’s on a few lists for being one of the wealthiest businessman in Korea. He’s a beast in the gym, check out this big bench press: Update: We have received confirmation they are not actually dating despite the seemingly Romantic instagram posts.

A source told Vanity Fair, “Lol they are 100% not dating at all, They’re just friends.”Jay Bot is a Self-Proclaimed Bodybuilder and Fitness Specialist that has studied not only the Benefits of Working out Daily, but also Supplements, Vitamins and Stacks that will help you in your Endeavor to be stronger than you've ever been!

If you scroll through his IG, you'll quickly notice it looks like he enjoys the luxurious life.

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From riding on private planes to posing with fancy cars to eating truffles and caviar to enjoying "golden sponge cake", Ha has apparently experienced it all.According to Ha's Facebook, he is originally from Seoul, Korea and currently lives in Moscow, Russia (Lohan has many ties to Russia, including her former fiancé Egor Tarabasov.).

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