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If there's anyone that makes readers of celebrity profiles say "Mom" à la Lorde, it's Taffy Brodesser-Akner, whose encounters with GOOP and Bradley Cooper tell you more about those people than they'd ever tell you themselves.Here comes her debut novel, about recently separated doctor Toby Fleishman, whose new family arrangements spark some soul-searching.Ethnographer Ebony Flowers wrote her Ph D as a comic, which is both extremely cool and promises that this debut graphic novel will be informed both by Flowers' own life experiences, and those of black women more generally.These coming-of-age tales are all connected through that epicenter of community and beauty norms, the hair salon. If that means she has to leave her daughter behind, so be it. Amy's urgent search takes her back into her own family's history, and into the secrets she didn't even know Sylvie had. Don't they always end up something like a horror story?

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Sometimes it seems like the internet is a seething brew of ugliness and misery.

The myth of the American dream has lost its allure and even its usefulness, so changed and splintered and diverse are its inhabitants and those who want to be among their number.