Bsd updating clamav

10-Jun-2020 19:22

bsd updating clamav-64

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I run exim to check config ##If no errors, then i use the DA interface to restart exim and make sure it is ##running.

#exim --(to check config for errors) ##done I test using sigs.... I noticed my freshclam was not updating : Clam AV update process started at Sun Jan 29 2006 Trying again in 5 secs...

bsd updating clamav-8

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You now have a Postfix mail server that serves up mail and that has been checked for both SPAM (with the help of Spamassassin) and viruses (with the help of Clam AV).2006-03-01 1FEIto-000GF8-1r H=XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX.jetstream.

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