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For more information, see Create a Windows Forms user control that supports lookup data binding. The simple user control displays customers' phone numbers in a standard phone-number format, by using a Masked Text Box and setting the mask to a phone number.During this walkthrough, you will learn how to: table in the Northwind sample database.So I simply force a Click on a button in the Update Panel through javascript. Try this: - Go to Log in with 'test' and 'test' - Go to "Update Picks" - Click a date Link Button and see the Modal Popup - Change the date, and press OK. Click anything on the page, and see the change tak effect. -Rasmus I can modify the sample to work with dynamic link button, but the point is unless you produce the same problem in the sample code or share a code block which demonstrate the issue, i will b difficult to help you, mate. The file, holding the static elements (Update Panel, Modal Popup Extender, the Panel with the popup contents).The code for the dynamically created Link Buttons click event, and the click event for the OK Button on the Modal Popup. As I wrote yesterday, it works in Fire Fox version 2, but not in Fire Fox 3 or IE7 or IE8.Thanks, Atanu Children As Triggers has been true all along.And I can update the updatepanel by pressing a button which is directly in the updatepanel, but it won't update when I press the OK button on the Modal Popup.

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(in a event for example) In user control : Hi, Based on your description, my understanding is that you would like to refersh the user control on button click.

If update a value with a popup, no change happens until the hidden button is pushed (this I have tried with the button visible). I have also tried adding the date Modal OKButton to the collection of triggers for the Update Panel - this does nothing as well. -Rasmus From the client-side click, you can refresh the Update Panel, see Also, see this post: this helps, -Damien I certainly agree with you that, when children makes a post back the update panel should update.

In case you dont see the update panel updating, there could issues with your page code, or design or properties of some control or ... However, i recommend you to check if you have 'Children As Triggers' properties is set to true for the update panel. Incase this does not help , post your code, i can help you fixing your issue [:)].

You can create the data-bound controls by dragging items from the Data Sources window onto the form.

To create data-bound controls on the form, drag the main Customers node from the Data Sources window onto the form, and verify that the Phone Number Box control is used to display the data in the Phone column.For more information on control authoring, see Developing Windows Forms Controls at Design Time.

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