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07-Jun-2020 14:30

Still, I am very curious about how this (mis)adventure will end. For the first time of my life, I just got hit by an act of random and free kindness. The hotel in which Teiichi brought me in is a spa hotel, which means hot showers, bubble baths, hot baths, etc.It’s more than welcome for me since it’s like AM now so I’m having the time of my life in the bubble bath.He says I should relax, he’s going out to find me some place. You don’t turn off gifts that a Japanese offers you, it’s just not something to do.And as I’m feeling it’s enough good surprises for the last hours, Teiichi shows up and I don’t have to pay anything for the tea and the food!As the Japanese tradition dictates, he gives me his business card.He’s often on the phone, seems like he’s calling people to find me a place to sleep tonight. She seems so happy about it that she gives it to me! This will be my first failed attempt to refuse generosity coming from a Japanese people, and believe me, there was plenty.Retrained as a Travel Agent, who couldn’t get enough of new travel inspirations. Novice Adventurer since 2015 in New Zealand, Japan, Bali, Singapore and Taiwan.I caught the travel bug and I won’t stop anytime soon.

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In the meanwhile, I could just have a nice walk and discover the neighbourhood.My long first night in Tokyo ends in a dormitory full of women, on a very uncomfortable leather Ex-libraire, boulimique d’images et de rêveries en papier.