Carla gugino dating dwayne johnson

10-Jul-2020 13:57

Upon its first week of release on home media in the U.

S., the film topped the Nielsen Video Scan First Alert chart, which tracks overall disc sales, and debuted at number 2 at the Blu-ray Disc sales chart with 40% of unit sales coming from Blu-ray, a surprisingly low ratio given the film's over-the-top special effects.

Ray and Emma attempt to reach San Francisco in Ray's helicopter until it suffers a gearbox failure, forcing them to make an emergency landing at a shopping mall in Bakersfield.

Amid the chaos of looting, Ray steals a Ford F-150 to continue the journey.

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He added, "What also gets tiring is when you start to do sequels of the same thing.

It needs to be fresh, and you have to have the right chemistry in the cast", pointing out the originality of the film, and the performances of Johnson and the other cast, as some of the factors behind the film's successful opening.