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The there's the guy with a business on the balls of his ass who needs cash to save his empire. But even a guy who let's say, takes a couple hundred thousand from an old timer mobbed up guy and then he just says go Fuck yourself. This trait endeared him to the people who knew him well and came to love him.

What's that old timer going to do to get his money back? Ain't much going on otherwise on the street business level. Was just wondering if we can have a topic about any newest info or subjects from the 5 families or any other mafia family in america. Is it because the mob got smart again and keep things quiet. Although he only fathered five children, Tony became a beloved father figure to many, many others.

crime is down across the board and it is now one of the safest cities in the country, possibly the world.i can see the mafia being involved in wholesaling drugs or exerting some union control (even though so many laws pertaining to unions were so radically changed in the '90s i can't even imagine this being the case any more) but the more "traditional" money making schemes have to completely dead. Civella, Jr.; grandchildren, Molly Ann Civella, Stacie Civella, Tony Carl and Valerie Civella, Michael Sansone, Anthony Sansone, Anthony Joe Civella, Amalia Civella, Tony John Civella, Brianna Civella, Celia Civella, Zoe Stephens, Anthony T. Honorary Pallbearers: Bennie Palmentere, John Sciortino, Paul Silvio, Pete Tamburello, Paul Varsalona. Funeral Home (816) 471-2844)Published in the Kansas City Star from 2/18/2006 - 2/19/2006."Link to Tony Ripes guestbook upon his death: City/GB/Guestbook View.aspx?Does anyone here think maybe members in the five families work in other smaller communities outside of nyc area and maybe just have legitimate buisiness that just launder money etc. Even some of the made members today, i'm curious how much money they actually bring in illegal crime. Patrick Catholic Church, 1357 NE 42nd Terr., Kansas City, MO, 64116; entombment in Resurrection Mausoleum, Kansas City North.I also wonder if some of these guys have just been around for awhile and can't stay away or they like the status of being in the mob even if it's not like the old days where making money was easy for them. Visitation will be 3-9 p.m., Sunday, at Passantino Bros.First off welcome to the board dontclick, but to say that gambling and loansharking are completely dead is just ridiculous, its the mobs bread and budda.

Your are right about their waning control on the unions, gone are the days of them having any influence on a national level, and also gone forever are them controlling the huge teamster unions, but to think that they dont have any union prescence at all would be a mistake.

What would be the necessity for a legitimate business without the underlying scam? Latching onto wannabes who look up to them and will kick up or, the ones who have saved a good amount of money, lending out startup money to people for a cut of the action. He owned several businesses and real estate during his life including restaurants and rental properties.