Casanova online dating

23-Sep-2020 02:00

I’ve run this test at least a hundred times myself, personally.

And it’s advice I’ve seen work for other guys as well.

During this test I managed to get 41 matches in a single month (though as I talk about down below I don’t swipe on the last week, so technically this would be 3 weeks instead of a full month).

Not super great, but not bad, especially considering the fact that they were cell phone pictures.

Overall, in a month I could expect about 40-50 matches every month.

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The more they swipe left the higher their score will be, at least at first.These pictures weren’t the best, but I had a lot of experience with them and I knew what my results would be with using them.

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The “non-stop act” that dating exacerbates is something I’ve been self-conscious about since I was a kid.… continue reading »

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