Catholic dating guidelines

29-Dec-2020 05:56

We then met in person for the first time, as friends, and got to spend time together.We became friends through phone calls, emails, and written correspondence, but it was only after meeting in person that we were able to really determine whether we were a good match for each other.Many women, including Catholic women, don’t even imagine that a Catholic man could struggle with lust, but the numbers indicate that they should be expecting it.(For Catholic men struggling with lust, check out my video course here.) Mutual love at this friendship stage is based on virtue.Given that background, let’s get into the four stages of courtship. Each gets to know the other as friends, without any romantic pursuits. Consider the prevalence of pornography and lust in our world, even among Catholic men.Women need to ask themselves whether the man is capable of love, or whether he is a slave to lust.Now, this might seem antiquated and ridiculous, but I can attest the wisdom behind it.

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Before entering this stage, the young man should ask permission from the young woman’s father if he can court her.

But any such excesses or wrong-headed notions are not inherent in courtship itself. Even if two people think that perhaps one day they may get married, dating does not entail marriage is even a goal or purpose for a couple. It is asking a specific question: does this person have sufficient virtue to be a good spouse for me?