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Correctly identifying the parish of your ancestors can be tricky and the only readily available help is Lewis's Topographical Dictionary of Ireland. Be especially relaxed about the spellings of names in Roman Catholic baptism, marriage and burial registers.

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Poverty was not the only reason why a non-Protestant might have been laid to rest in a Church of Ireland graveyard after the 1820s.

Examples of the latter include Wicklow (1747), Nobber in Co. Admittedly, the legibility of these registers is poor for the first 15 years or so, and there are quite a few gaps in coverage across the centuries, but if your Catholic ancestors hailed from this town you have a real chance of being able to trace your family history over four centuries. In general, the oldest records hail from the more prosperous and anglicised eastern half of the island.

Registers for more densely populated and poorer parishes in the west and north usually do not start until the mid-19th century.

As a result, the starting dates given for may registers may not look very promising. Many parishes changed their original geographical spread so you may well find there are earlier records for your ancestors' locality in the registers of an adjoining parish.

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Getting to know the geography of your ancestor's place of origin is therefore time well spent.

While there would also be a record of the grave in Church of Ireland's papers, it would not usually be in the official registers.