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03-Nov-2020 02:16

Search boxes, shared content and algorithmically derived recommendations allow consumers to find and explore very specific genres, which would not have been possible for TV or film previously.For example, people in one country who enjoy listening to folk music from another country were unlikely to constitute a big enough audience to warrant radio stations dedicating content to that genre., a TV series that began in 1989 and was syndicated globally, would regularly feature sections on animals doing funny things in front of home video cameras.[2] At the time of writing, You Tube returns around 93m results for cat videos—and the existence of a whole festival devoted to online cat videos suggests that the market is not insignificant.As an economist waiting for their econometric code to finish running or for the ink to dry on their latest algebraic derivation, one might wonder why cat videos become so popular (see the box). There are potentially some psychological reasons for cats’ popularity on the Internet.

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These technologies are not just being harnessed in order to match makers of cat videos with their viewers.Creators of successful cat videos are incentivised to produce content—from the feedback they get from their fans, the intrinsic creative reward, and the different revenue streams that may result.Some video-sharing platforms allocate a share of the associated advertising, within or surrounding the video, to content creators.They would gauge their success by how many people watched a particular programme or film, but it was hard to judge how successful that was given that there was nothing to measure it against—the counterfactual of providing different content was normally not observed.

The rise of matching algorithms means that consumers can now search for and find content that matches their interests and tastes much more specifically.Not only is production less expensive, but distribution has also been made much cheaper and easier through the use of advertising-funded platforms.