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Of course, the actors and extras (background actors) playing these xenophobes and racists are anything but, and Chadha says it made for a rather tough time when shooting these pivotal scenes. “I had to give them a big pep talk.”The British director, who is of Indian descent, revealed she even had issues with the crew when having to recreate offensive graffiti.

Read more: Chiwetel Ejifor says blockbusters sustain cinema" data-reactid="35"Read more: Chiwetel Ejifor says blockbusters sustain cinema“When we were shooting the big [NF] march scene, there were a lot of extras in that and people were shocked,” she tells Yahoo Movies UK.“The trauma of those ugly times hit us all and then after a few takes an Assistant Director called me and said, ‘you better come down there's something wrong with the extras.’“I thought maybe a fight had broken out so I went down and they basically said ‘We can't do it anymore. Read more: director says sequel could have lower age rating“There were places where we needed to paint swastikas and my own art director refused to do it,” Chadha says. I'm sorry, I just can't do it.’“I said, ‘oh bloody hell give me the can, I'll do it.’ So I started painting the swastikas along with Kulvinder [Ghir], who said, 'I'll do it, I lived through all this!

It's not often told and also, it's rarely told by a woman.GC: God has given me a voice, a platform and I have communication skills.

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