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512/444-2727 TXDOC NO.: A800.3 L867 1995/6 Annual report / Texas Long Term Care Ombudsman Program.

(1MF) OCLC 25265298 (N) 97-0903 AGING, DEPARTMENT ON.


512/475-4993 TXDOC NO.: A696./5 Annual financial report for the year ended ...

512/444-2727 TXDOC NO.: A800.3 AN78 1995/6 Annual report / Texas Department on Aging.

(1MF) OCLC 30688187 (N) 97-0451 AGING, DEPARTMENT ON.

NOTE ON SEARCHING THIS DOCUMENT To search the index quickly, use the ' Find' function of your web browser.

For example, when using Netscape click on ' Find' after loading this document. (0MF) OCLC 37964318 (D) 97-2252 ADJUTANT GENERAL' S DEPARTMENT.

Agency strategic plan for the 1997-2002 period / by the Texas Aerospace Commission.

512/444-2727 TXDOC NO.: A800.3 IN3CO 1996 Internal audit of the Texas Department on Aging, contract management system and federal compliance issues : final report / as prepared by Russell Gregorczyk.

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