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11-Dec-2020 17:02

They don’t do cold approaches are they’re just super-duper nice and they hide their true intent.

And if you’re over the age of 40, the number one thing you can do to not look like the creepy old guy is to get into great physical shape.

And that physical fitness and retaining muscle and building new muscle is the key to staying attractive into your 40s, 50s and 60s. Because a young woman, ideally, wants to meet an older man with a younger man’s body.

A young woman wants to combine the maturity, status, and power of the older man, with the health and youth and vitality of the young man’s physical strength.

You’re always really sweet, like a grandfatherly gentlemen to the girl.

You’re always looking for permission to make a move.

Because even having gray hairs and fine wrinkles on your face is sexy to young women.

So you’re an older guy – perhaps much older – and you want to meet far younger women.

It IS possible, so here’s the problem and the solution…Most older gentlemen simply look OLD and don’t feel entitled to chasing women.

But, fortunately, you can rely defy this attraction decline, just by working out religiously.

Because women will forgive just about everything else about your age as long as you’ve kept physically in really great shape and you’ve got the muscle of a younger man.

And she doesn’t want to spend her best years being your nurse.

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