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Each of these words is made up of three separate words: photo/chemo, auto/hetero, trophic.

For bacteria, we often classify their metabolism based on how they obtain the two things all organisms need to live: energy and chemical building blocks.

Answer 1: Kingdom Eubacteria are "true bacteria", meaning they are prokaryotes.

Depending on how they get nutrients, they can either be photoautotrophs, chemoautotrophs, photoheterotrophs, or chemoheterotrophs.

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Chemoautotrophs: use inorganic chemicals as an energy source and carbon dioxide as a carbon source.The chemical bonds in the food we eat store energy, and we harvest this energy when we break the bonds during digestion.This is called CHEMOtrophy (chemo means having to do with chemistry).They need to get energy and carbon to live and they do so in different ways.

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Photoautotrophs: Use light as an energy source and carbon dioxide as a carbon source.This is one reason why people rarely get infections from this bacterium: it is trying to eat us!

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