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02-Nov-2020 13:26

We understand that people need to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

However, we must understand that God knows exactly what needs to happen to draw others to Himself.

To Lois Evans, the senior Pastor’s wife was a very isolated, much unappreciated role.

It was a stifling position that a loving supportive wife accepted as her lot. This happened even though her husband Tony, had told her at the beginning or their lives together that he wasn’t interested in being a pastor.

At that is our ministry, our prayer, and our mission.

This Sunday starts Pilgrimage to Pentecost which is an initiative of our Presiding Bishop that sets aside time for members of the Church of God in Christ, Inc.

What do I do if I decide I don't want to be with him? well, I'm not a member but I enjoy his teaching) I would just like some feedback.We thank God for the virtuous, praying women that God has…We all know that God has called us to live out the Great Commission. That is, if we truly seek His will, His heart, and His plan for our lives.

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And yet as we yield to His ways, He turns that situation around to help us to line up with His will. This includes being the First Lady in Church —the Pastor’s wife. Being or becoming a pastor’s wife is one of those situations in which we can see Him work in miraculous ways.(COGIC) to come together in a time of consecration. Please take some time to read this update on Bishop Green’s recovery and feel free to leave your prayers and words of encouragement in the comment section below the statement. Christ's forgiveness extended to us and our forgiveness extended to ourselves and others.