College freshman guy dating junior girl

19-Feb-2021 12:27

If you’re in the same class, you probably have similar interests—you can’t ask for a much better foundation than that.

IM/Club Sports Introduce yourself to that pretty girl on the IM Frisbee team.

So, given that your friend group is probably all but tapped out in terms of girls you would want to bang (or date, if that’s what you want), your options are Tinder, or risking your pride by saying “hi” to a good looking stranger.

But knowing that a strange girl could potentially stab your pride with the knife of rejection, why would you even try since you know you can open an app which does essentially the same thing?

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Don’t screw this up by being like, “you’re hot and that’s why I sat here” or by sitting next to her when there are 100 other empty seats.

We had our first kiss the night we met, and we were pretty inseparable for the next month or so.