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08-Nov-2020 11:23

An edited and condensed transcript of our conversation follows.

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You can spend time with your family and take one day off but not lose much money, instead you have to spend time with your family for a whole week!So the first: opposition to America’s alliance arrangements with other countries. We make a mistake when we equate it with [Barack] Obama’s burden-sharing comments [about U. Friedman: On number two—favoring a mercantilist economic system—what do you mean by that?What evidence are you relying on to draw that conclusion? He said at the Center for the National Interest speech that the cost to the United States of these alliances was in the trillions of dollars. Wright: He says he’s not against free trade, but there’s no record of a [U. He was asked, “What president do you associate with?Defining the “stakes” of an election is, to some extent, a political exercise. S.-led international order”—and why exactly is it worth preserving?

I put these and other questions to Wright last week, and came away with the most compelling account I’ve come across of how Trump views the world, and how the world could change during his presidency.In Wright’s view, these three beliefs, if translated into policy in a Trump administration, could do away with the liberal international order that the United States helped design after World War II and has led ever since.

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