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09-Jul-2020 19:28

This video will give you a brief introduction to live chat support: If you have a nicely branded website, you obviously want the live chat widget on your site to enhance this user experience.

For that reason please make sure you check out the “appearance customization” section in each of our reviews.

This is great in case you want to assess the quality of your support agents.

By using live analytics you can see where your visitors are from, which page they are on and what has referred them to your website (e.g. This is very useful in order to gain further insights on your visitor’s background, especially when you intend to start chats with visitors that seem most promising.

The chat console is your control center: from here you can answer chat requests, monitor who is on your site and many more things.

Some providers offer their own console (browser-based or installed on your computer), others use an instant messenger like Skype, Google Talk or Pidgin.

When working in a team, especially in one with different departments, it is important to be able to transfer chats to one another.

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This will help you with phrases that are used frequently; “Hello, how can I help you today? While this can save a lot of time, you should avoid overdoing it as it can sound like a robot when the answer is not really tailored to the visitor’s question.

When a customer starts a conversation the widget will expand to its full size.

There won’t be a separate window and the chat will remain active even if the visitor browses to another page on your website.

If you are using a standard CRM or helpdesk solution like Salesforce, Highrise or Assistly there are a couple of live chat tools that integrate directly with them.

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This way you can add the chat conversation to your customer’s existing profile.Customers want their questions to be answered instantly, and any uncertainty with their purchase can result in losing a sale.