Consolidating failing businesses

26-Feb-2020 01:11

He brings his expert insights to support clients in developing strategies for adopting new and emerging technologies and adapting their operations for digital transformation.Widely considered a technology visionary, Francisco took the leap into advisory in 2014 to launch his own Io T and AI consultancy, OIES Consulting.If you cannot get the CEO on board, then the probability that your Io T project will end at the Po C stage is almost 100%.If you are lost in the Po C, these, I have heard, read and repeated hundreds of times how important it is to belong to an Io T ecosystem and how difficult it is to choose the one that suits you best.There are economic reasons when organisations try to escalate their Po C to real implementations and then the ROI does not look as good as in the pilot.There are organisational reasons when leaders are failing to go all in.Those who have read my articles know that there is no company in the world, no matter how great it is, that can do everything in Io T.Creating an Io T ecosystem either horizontal (technology) or vertical (industry) requires a lot of talent managers able to maintain win-win transactions over time.

When it comes to achieving an ROI from Io T, businesses really need to rethink how they are deploying it and ensure that they can manage their sensors remotely, secure their assets, use the sensors and devices data to make better real-time decisions and monetise it.

Francisco loves travelling, playing tennis and having good conversations.